GME Wellness Program Consulting Psychiatrist

Employer: Consultant
Job Type: Part Time - 8 to 10 hours a month (varies)

Job Description:

GME provides free, confidential individual and couples counseling to UW SOM residents, fellows and their partners dealing with wellness issues, including stress, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, burnout, grief and loss, career issues, eating disorders and more through the GME Wellness Service. The GME Consulting Psychiatrist will work with the GME Wellness Service as a provider of psychiatric consultation and medication management to the identified population of residents and fellows. They will also serve as a consultant to the GME Wellness Team.

Job Duties:

  • Provide psychiatric assessments to active residents and fellows in a confidential office space. Recommend and prescribe medications, monitor medication efficacy and provide ongoing medication management as needed.
  • The cost for the psychiatric services (including medication management) are covered by GME for a period of up to 12 months. After 12 months, the resident/fellow will be required to pay for the services or use insurance coverage with the GME Consulting Psychiatrist or transition to an outside provider.
  • Make appropriate referrals for residents and fellows with alcohol, substance use issues or other major issues in coordination with GME Wellness Director.
  • Facilitate psychiatric hospitalizations and provide crisis intervention services as needed in coordination with GME Wellness Director and Assistant Dean of GME as needed.
  • Maintain an active referral resource network of primary care providers, community mental health provider and other psychiatrists for ongoing/long term medication needs/inactive trainees.
  • Monthly consultation with GME Wellness team to do case reviews and in service meetings.  Consultations include appropriate updates on referred clients for purposes of monitoring and continuity of care.
  • Be available on as needed basis for phone/virtual consultation with GME Director of Wellness
  • Maintain documentation on residents and fellows served in a HIPAA compliant format
  • Provide a regular client list on a monthly basis to the GME Director.

The position will maintain a collaborative relationship with the GME Director of Wellness, as well as GME Wellness Team. The individual in this role will be responsible for billing the GME Office for services provided.


This position requires an MD, Board Certification in Psychiatry and an active Washington State Medical License. It requires a high level of skill and training, sound clinical judgement and ability to work independently with accuracy, reliability and productivity. Experience working with physicians is preferred. Experience working with racially and ethnically diverse populations is preferred. Familiarity and experience working with models of time-limited and evidence based psychotherapy. Strong oral and written communication skills.  Position is expected to work closely and collaboratively with GME Wellness team.

How to Apply:

For further questions, please reach out to Dipti Chrastka, Director of Wellness for UW GME at [email protected]

Contact Information: 

Name: Dipti Chrastka
Email: [email protected]