Outpatient Psychiatrist - Auburn, WA

Employer: Valley Cities Behavioral Health Care
Job Type: Full Time
Location: Auburn, WA

Job Description:

Outpatient Psychiatrists work other dedicated professionals in a dynamic and exciting multidisciplinary team setting. Our team-based model of care centers on holistic person- and family-centered care that addresses all aspects of recovery. We incorporate evidence-based practices into our services including DBT, EMDR, CBT for Psychosis, and WRAP, among others, to assist our clients on their journeys through recovery. Psychiatrists are clinical leads for our psychiatry services within our outpatient clinics and work with clinic management on improving overall quality of services for their sites.

Job Duties:

  • Conducts psychiatric evaluations and provide ongoing medication management services to Valley Cities clients
  • Provides supervision for Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners
  • Collaborates with other members of our multidisciplinary teams, providing teaching/consultation as needed
  • Facilitates case consult meetings
  • Has regular meetings with clinic management, coordinating psychiatry services with the rest of the clinic services and collaborating on clinical quality improvement for their site.
  • Maintain 60 % productivity level through direct and indirect patient care service.

Other Responsibilities:

The employee will be required to:

  • Perform other related duties as assigned.
  • Attend VC meetings and travel to and from work related events as required.


Minimum Qualifications

Education and Experience:

  • Physician licensed to practice under Chapter 18.57 or 18.71 RCW, who is Board Eligible or Board Certified in Psychiatry


  • Pass required WA State background checks
  • Ability to work independently

Intrapersonal Attributes:

  • Ability to adapt
  • Empathetic
  • Self-disciplined
  • Stress management
  • Good work ethic
  • Good communicator
  • Positive contributor to a team

Desirable Requirements:


  • Board Certified in Psychiatry


  • 3 years paid experience in the field of Psychiatry

How to Apply:

Please send a current CV to [email protected]

Contact Information: 

Name: Rebekah Taylor-Davidson
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 206-408-5428