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Professional Risk Management Services, Inc. specializes in medical professional liability insurance for individual healthcare providers, group practices, facilities, associations and organizations. As a national company, we develop, deliver and implement customized programs and services, including unparalleled risk management, proven defense strategies and specialized policies. Our impressive 95% retention rate illustrates our dedication to client relationships and satisfaction, the quality of service we provide, and the skill and responsiveness of our staff. License defense coverage of $150,000 is included.* Coverage for telepsychiatry and forensic services is included. Premium discounts up to 60% are available. Learn more at www.PsychProgram.com.

*May vary by state.

Gold Sponsors

Dr. Jesse McClelland is excited to collaborate with psychiatrists and physicians across Washington to treat patients who might benefit from our two specialty treatment centers.

Adult ADD/ADHD Treatment Center: Seattle’s most comprehensive treatment regime. Exclusively offers objective QbTest to diagnose, monitor and treat adult ADHD. PsychiatryNorthwest.com.

TMS Treatment Center: Features latest FDA cleared devices from Israel (Brainsway) and Denmark (MagPro). Innovative protocols, lowest priced packages. TMSWashington.com.

Backed by 35 years of psychiatric experience, THIRA Health is a unique and locally owned mental health clinic in Bellevue, Washington. THIRA Health offers intensive, focused and individualized mental health treatment for women and girls who are recovering from anxiety and depression. Rooted in evidence-based Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), our team-of-experts provides compassionate therapy in an intimate environment either in group or individual therapy. Upon contacting THIRA Health we will schedule a comprehensive face-to-face initial assessment to determine your goals, diagnosis and treatment recommendations. Because we believe in a comprehensive approach to recovery we often coordinate with medical providers regarding your physical health and laboratory work throughout the assessment process. If you are already seeking mental health treatment at another program or with an individual provider we may coordinate your care. Prior to starting one of our mental health treatment programs you and your loved ones (if available) will participate in a program orientation that describes the various groups, introduces you to staff, orients you to the schedule, and outlines expectations for participation. After completing an orientation you will join a group of women or adolescent girls and begin recovery from depression and anxiety. 

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