The Mission of
the WSPA

To promote public understanding of psychiatry through public education, and advocacy for patients and their interests.

To provide a professional group identity among all psychiatrists in Washington State by promoting peer support and collegiality.

To promote professionalism in the practice of psychiatry by providing continuing professional education, reviewing members' professional qualifications, and reviewing ethical concerns

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Washington Physicians Health Program’s mission is to enhance the health of Washington state
medical professionals. Currently, WPHP is offering Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR).
MBSR is designed to reduce stress and improve general mental health. Mindfulness does not
eliminate life’s pressures, but it can help us respond to pressures in a calmer manner that benefits
our heart, head and body.

For more information and dates, please see the official flyer.

Stop CPT Coding Abuses - Achieve Mental Health Parity Now

APA is Working For You
CPT code changes were intended to more accurately reflect the work psychiatrists do and improve patient access to care, but instead have been used as an excuse by some payors to discriminate against psychiatric patients and their psychiatrists in violation of the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (2008).  The issues differ from state to state and from carrier to carrier. The APA Board of Trustees has committed significant APA resources, both financial and staff, to understand the situation and use all reasonable means, including litigation, to correct the abuses taking place.

Get Paid, Achieve Mental Health Parity
APA staff and attorneys have already begun implementation of a solid plan of action to combat this abuse.  However, you, the psychiatrists who contract with the payors, have the specific information we need to cause a change.  The situation cannot be improved unless every one of you helps. 

Click here and help us help you and your patients.

CPT Coding Resources

Significant changes have been made to the CPT code sets psychiatrists use for billing, documentation, contracts, and compliance protocols. Visit the APA website for information and resources.

Also, visit the Members Only section to view the presentation slides, handouts, and read a few answered questions from our speakers at the recent CPT Coding Workshop.

APA Fellows & Distinguished Fellows Announced

Congratulations to the WSPA members approved for 2013 Fellow and Distinguished Fellow status!